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To achieve excellence and leadership both locally and internationally in the field of medical and molecular science, in addition to promoting scientific research into the study of human cancer, human molecular genetics and human stem cells.


To be of service to the society and humanity by keeping up to pace with all new studies in human molecular genetics in general, with particular focus on human cancer and stem cells research. Discoveries from new scientific research will be adapted to promote health and cure disease through contributing to scientific research, aiding researchers and educating students of this field.


  1. Teaching and training of students.

  2. Conducting of studies and scientific & medical research in the molecular biology of human cancer and stem cells.

  3. To provide consulting services in the field of human medical, molecular, genetics, cancer and stem cells research.

  4. To support, encourage and promote postgraduate studies.

  5. To provide scientific seminars and workshops & to conduct training programmes and courses.

  6. To raise awareness among local and global community members.  

University of Tabuk in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Bangor University in the United Kingdom
Umm-Al-Qura University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia